Husband, father, tech enthusiast.

With a decade of experience in tech, I strive to leave every position in a better condition than it was when I first took it.

Driven and passionate about customer support, I am an avid evangelist of the support department as an integral tool for growth and improvement.

Tier 2 Support Engineer
Imperva Incapsula
2013 - 2018
Senior Support Engineer

As Tier 2 support engineer (2015):

  • Working with major customers on extreme edge cases
  • Working closely and directly with R&D to debug existing features, as well as with Product Management on turning customers' requests to new features
  • Served as a daily consultation and escalation point to Tier 1 support engineers, as well as sales engineers and managed services engineers
  • Handling constant knowledge transfer and retention
  • Working daily with Kibana, Jira and a variety of other software and services

As Head of Abuse Desk (2015):

  • Writing the Abuse Desk playbook, still in use today
  • Working closely with various internal departments (Legal, Sales, Support, and Marketing, as well as senior management) and external agencies (ROSKOMNADZOR, SpamHaus, various international legal agencies, and more) on a daily basis
  • Greatly improving Abuse Desk efficiency from a queue of over 700 tickets to one in which nearly every claim is handled within twenty-four hours
  • Earning Incapsula Spamhaus' "Whitehat Network" recognition for stellar abuse handling

As Shift Lead (2014):

  • Managing incoming ticket queue, with emphasis on response time based on both case severity and customer SLA
  • Assigning tasks to Tier 1 support engineers on shift
  • Elaborating on existing handover process to include a rolling document, so as to ensure nothing of importance is lost

As Tier 1 support engineer (2013):

  • Working - both alone and as part of a larger team - with customers of varying size - from free customers to major enterprise corporations - on a daily basis and at all hours of the day and night
  • Designing and taking on the role of Shift Lead, including training others in the role
Calait One Group
Tech Support and Software Implementor
  • Attention to customers' needs
  • Matching responses to customers' varying levels of relevant knowledge
Kol Hanegev Radio Station
2012 - 2013
  • Site maintenance
  • Keeping a high-availability schedule
Sapir Academic College, Office of the Dean of Students
2012 - 2013
Social Media Manager
  • Implementing organizational changes based on visitor input
  • Crisis management
Bezeq International (ISP)
2008 - 2010
Senior Tech Support
Personal Projects
Charity Gaming Marathons
2012 - 2015
Yearly livestreamed video games marathons, fundraising for various charity organizations.

Conceived, administrated and operated - along with a group of friends - four yearly charity gaming livestreams fundraising for both Child's Play and Hayim Association; examples can be seen on the Earth Defense Force Marathon and Mario Party Marathon websites (both in Hebrew).   Designed Websites for three of the four events, as well as marketing materials for all.   Operated and oversaw social media for all four events. [foogallery id="56"]   Also assisted and consulted with The Emerald Spire charity roleplaying marathon

Consolieries Podcast
2011 - 2016
A Hebrew-speaking weekly podcast discussing video games and video game culture. Co-hosted with Erez Ronen and Mirit Ben-Hur
Sapir Academic College
2010 - 2013
B.A. Communications (Digital) and Rhetorics
Tech Support
Copy Editing
Line Editing
Podcast Production